It had been drizzling a bit since morning yesterday and the sea had dried up leaving puddles of water with green filaments in it , so I decided to observe them under my foldscope and found these beautiful colonies of Vorticella on the surface of the algae.

Here’s a video:


Here it is trying to catch a ciliate

Here the oral cilia are visible 



And this is the location from where i got the samples of algae, Prabhadevi beach. 🙂

~have fun foldscoping.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    @Mitaliii really wonderful wonderful wonderful videos. I am floored. I guess for all the other readers, this is a vorticella from Mumbai (Chowpatti or else where?). So many many points of interest to many in this group.

    1. In the first video I just love how (after 1:30 minutes) all the vorticellae contract simultaneously. Its almost like there is a signaling between them. Read the post on colonial rotifers by @Matt (https://microcosmos.foldscope.com/?p=18762).. So many convergent patterns.

    2. I love the way the ciliate is swirled around the various vorticella individuals, it is almost helpless. Perhaps Manu will have something to say about this.

    3. The dark field is amazing. The bacteria are pretty large and come out so well.

    4. Also love the picture you have taken, you can see all aspects of the cell, including the oral cilia and macronucleus. Keep searching. Sea water has a tremendous diversity of life.

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Phenomenal to read this @Mitalii. A chowpati vorticella; fantastic. Could you take a picture of the location when you collect samples; it puts the microscopic in the context of the macroscopic.

    Yes; the hydrodynamics of these structures is phenomenal. The flow is so strong that they are “entrained” in the flow – as @Laks pointed out – almost helpless.

    Beautiful.. what an incredible structure. I have been thinking somewhat about trigger synchronization mechanism. I will write a details comment/ post on the same soon.

    Please do post a picture of the collection location.


  3. Wowww!!!….I’m truly amazed by all ur videos….wonderful post….this shows how much foldscoping can teach us…wish even I had a sea shore near my house.

  4. Cristina says:

    Vorticellas with branched stalks! Never had seen them before…. Beautiful!

  5. Mitaliii says:

    Thankyou so much for all the lovely comments.Manu sir, I’ll surely post the picture of the location soon once it stops raining and this sample was taken from Prabhadevi Beach.

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