Surgical Mask

I was looking at a surgical mask that my father uses whenever he goes to get household supplies.

I cut a piece from the corner and discovered there were three layers:

On visual examination I found that the layers were as follows:

The outermost layer was green, and the inner two were white. The middle layer was translucent whereas the innermost was quite opaque.

The pictures of the layers under foldscope are as follows:

Innermost Layer
Middle layer
Outermost Layer

I used a photo editing app to combine all these photographs by fading and overlayering to look at the cumulative effect of all three layers:

Combined picture

I found a really helpful article that describes different types of masks in reference to COVID-19;


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      Thank you 😊
      There are a few more interesting posts along the same lines that other foldscope users have posted… That’s what gave me the idea to do this post. Do give them a read!

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