Exploration of COVID 19 Pandemic: A summary of Science in various masks during 21 Days Lockdown

Today I am posting a post on various surgical masks that were used by everyone during the lockdown for protection against COVID 19 virus.

In general, humans who are not affordable for purchasing masks for regular usage inside the home, as well as outside premises. To protect the COVID 19 disease most of the middle and lower class people use handkerchiefs, soft clothes (like banyan clothes, cotton fabrics, etc).

Here in this post, the research community can understand the scientific reason for using surgical masks is important rather than the handkerchiefs or any other materials.

To understand the scientific reasons behind the various masks and hand made masks made by fabrics. I have chosen 2 surgical masks, an N95 mask, and two-layer banyan, handkerchief. The post concludes various figures of used materials with their significance in a step by step manner.

Results achieved from the Foldable microscope

Results of Soft Baniyan cotton Cloth

This image captured from the foldscope kit no. 00025E61A72FA shows the inner layer view of soft banyan cloth which can be used to make a mask to protect against dirt particles that have a size greater than micrometers.

From the image, it can clearly see the fiber structures and the cotton fabric alignment in the cloth.

Results of daily used Handkerchief

The image of the handkerchief taken by the same foldscope kit no. 00025E61A72FA.

From the image, it can visualize that the ribbon-like fibers and the boundary walls of the alignment of the thread position were clearly noticed.

The hatch pattern in the image shows that the thread aligned in the handkerchief and the fibers noticed that they are strings of the thread

Results of Surgical mask and N95 Mask

The results of a surgical and N95 mask difference were posted by me in the earlier post named ” https://microcosmos.foldscope.com/?p=189831 “. the slide show images also give an overview of collected images of various mask interior structures of N95 and surgical.

Used Surgical mask microscopic images

The image shows the foldscope microscopic image of a used green color surgical mask shown in the figure above. It was clearly seen that brown color and dirt absorbed inside the fiber particles of the surgical mask.

All the results and images shown in this post are captured by using foldscope Delux kit No. 00025E6172FA. The published results were taken from the smartphone attached to the foldable microscope having a mobile camera with 4mega pixel shown in the title image of this post. The results which I have mentioned will be useful to research the scientific community who can explore and gather more ideas in a new direction of research in the area of developing surgical masks.

Also, I would like to suggest all the research scholars, professors, and scientists who can give more awareness to local members for choosing the better mask for their respective usage in the respective fields.

STAY HOME: SAVE LIVES STAY: home KEEP: a safe distance WASH: hands often COVER: your cough Sick: call Helpline

“Destroy the corona Virus and make India a safer Zone”

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