Microscope: A Microscopic pattern of Human Nail captured by using Foldoscope

Dr. Vemuri SRS Praveen Kumar (Ph.D) 1, Ms. Sri Lakshmi (10th class) 2
1Ph.D. from Academy of scientific and innovative research (AcSIR-CSIO), Chandigarh-160030, India.
2PVR Girls High School, Prakasam District, Ongole, India.

To understand the microscopic pattern of dust particles that were accumulated inside the human nails.

Description: To view the structures of the microscopic pattern of human nails, first we have collected human nails from the feet. The collected nails were placed on microscopic slides in a regular pattern for capturing images from the foldable microscope (image shown in figure 1). The Results of the samples were taken in bright field imaging, which was shown in figure 2.

Figure 1: Image shows that the foldable microscope, A viewing of micro pattern human nails by 10th class student Ms. Sri Lakshmi
Figure 2: Six various images of human foot nails captured by foldscope kit (00025E6172FA)

Summary and Results:  The captured images from the bright field method of foldable microscopy was shown in figure 2. Six resultant images captured from the human foot nails represented a clear view of the microscopic patterns. It also shows a clear view of the regular growth of dust particles side by side in a layered manner.