First time with Foldscope

Yesterday I got my Foldscope kit delivered, nice! Assembling it took about half an hour. At first I tried it with some slides that came included with the foldscope, the mosquito head and fern rhizome, which looked great under the foldscope, with the hairs on the mosquito antenna very sharply rendered.

First foldscope pic of mosquito mouthparts slide.
Fern rhizome slide

Next, I tried it on live pond critters, by preparing a paper slide with some living Daphnia. This also worked well, but focusing can sometimes be a challenge. I attached the foldscope to my phone and could make some nice movies of the Daphnia. Also tried using the led magnifier when attached to the phone, which is very useful. Also cool how you can use the magnifier for different lighting methods. With diffuser sticker for nice even brightfield, or move the coupler attached to the led magnifier to get oblique/darkfield-like lighting.

Live Daphnia illuminated using the led magnifier with diffuser sticker
Live Daphnia illuminated using the led magnifier without diffuser sticker, lighting at various angles by moving the magnetic coupler in the magnifier

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Fantastic. Looking forward to reading your journey.

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