Human Sweat: Under Foldscope Micrography

Hai friends, Its summertime and covid-19 holidays are still existing for school and college students.

In the meantime, I came across that with an interesting micrographic image of sweating which was excreted in the summertime from the human body.

Today I collected my sweat sample from my body and make it dry on a sample glass plate and captured its images under the foldscope.

The captured images are attached to the Blog post. After seeing the images in microscopic foldscope it was so happy that the images are looking like pore structures that have eyes in square-shaped crystals.

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  1. Ronak Hati says:

    Wow, salt crystals are visible! But you could have focused it better.

    Maybe you could sweat yourself under different conditions (not sure how to), collect a standard volume of sweat, and allow it to dry. What differences might we get? Is it the case that sweat due to exercise and sweat due to fear are different?

    I am unsure if subtle differences could be detected under the foldscope. We could try using polarizing filters to observe the dried sweat.

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