Crustacean and its Egg

Hello everyone,

The compound eyes.

Hope you’re all having fun with your foldscopes and observing amazing stuff. A few days ago, in the water I collected from a sea shore puddle,I found algae which had colonies of vorticella growing on it. Sadly, all of it has degraded now and what is left is a few molluscs and some of these creatures which are crustaceans . I decided to observe them as their movements were fascinating, they moved quite fast and weren’t easy to catch which is why I wanted to see them alive.Normal slides would’ve crushed them, so,I’ve used a cavity slide this time. I Couldn’t take very clear pictures because it kept moving but managed to get videos which you all may like.

I could see its beautiful feet and the tail which it swayed as it moved across the watchglass. But then something absolutely gorgeous came to my sight. It was an egg in the gut of the organism (it probably held it in its pleopods).Because,from what I’ve read crustacean eggs are externally fertilized and are not laid soon after mating.

It kept swaying its feet which kept the egg tumbling and rolling in the field. I was really worried that it may end up harming it.

But then I managed to move it away from its pleopods and focus just on the egg.Here, I could see the movements inside the egg.


I have saved this egg in a watch glass. Super exited to trace its development.

~Have fun Foldscoping. 🙂

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  1. laksiyer says:

    @Mitalii, this is a wonderful video. Love the background music. I cant wait to see how your egg develops. I think I see various leg appendage primoridias. @Manu has a wonderful post on spider development
    and @Matt on fruitfly development

    I hope we now have one for Crustaceans

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear @Mitaliii,
    What incredible videos. You are a master foldscoper. I absolutely loved the beating heart in the crustacean; and if you watch carefully – all the flowing blood cells are visible. It’s remarkable how transparent life is at small scales.

    The eggs are a wonder in itself. I have never seen an egg case with the “brown” gut – do you think it’s an advanced developmental stage.

    Finally, is the last video a time lapse or real time.

    Now; one trick you might try to improve your imaging resolution and uniformity of light source – is to use “invisible 3M tape” to add a diffuser on your light source. I describe the importance of a well adjusted illumination here:

    Excited to see your next post.



  3. Mitaliii says:

    Thankyou so much Manu Sir and Laks Sir. @Laks sir did help me with the lighting and diffusion trick and the new videos are definitely better where I can see that the organism has developed further. And all the videos are real time @Manu sir.I haven’t really seen any other developing eggs before so no idea about the developmental stage being advanced but now I’m able to see the heart of the organism beating as it is seen in the crustacean video.Excited to post it here soon. 🙂

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