Testing Foldscope App


This is a test post to confirm if the app is posting to the site correctly. A few things to fix: (1) allow for paragraphs to be written (2) allow for upload from already stored images (3) how to confirm camera zoom (can we allow for people to input camera/phone version). (4) allow for some formatting like highlighting sentences etc. more comments coming soon.. and for the community, we will soon announce the app. Exciting times ahead.
You can try to guess what this sample is?

Cheers Manu

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Soap? Cant wait for the app.

  2. GujuRocks says:

    well if I already knew that there was a need for app for community , i had made it , i don’t have very high knowledge , but enough tomake this app

  3. Krrissh Singh says:

    This is shaving foam, I bet


    Eagerly waiting for the App Sir…. And I think the sample is melted chocolate … Am I right Sir?

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