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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    This is incredibly beautiful. Fantastic job!

    Could you please share your process for sample preparation as well.


  2. Anik Khan says:

    dear Manu
    Actually this is a bit weird that i was not looking for red blood cells but i found them(this is my first post).actually earlier that day i got an ant bite my skin.which had a bit small infection(i do have a very itchy skin), i did not do anything but there was this watery substance coming out and it was drying up so i thought that it was platelets as they coagulate the blood . so i just took a drop of that watery substance and put it under the foldscope .Then i couldn’t believe my eyes that they were actually blood cells. i applied a bit of digital zoom on my mother’s phone.
    I do also have some questions about the foldscope itself. I know you recommend me to see the PLOS paper .but its a scientific paper and there’s so much complex math and you know i just in eight grade so its a bit difficult for me to understand but i am a bit of a physics nerd . So I have a request for you can i personally talk to you (if you have time)(through a video call).
    here’s my email address-akbnm7890@gmail.com

    looking forword to your mail.

  3. Anik Khan says:

    I’d be honored you do so.

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