Mold on Onions through foldscope

Posted by JAISHREE on June 30 2020

This is d my first post on d microcosmos ,so thanks to my friend@edurafi also thanks to Manu prakash & all foldscope community.

I was read some health benefits of Onions. Onions may benefit to heart Health. Onion loaded with contain cancer fighting components.It help to control Blood sugar.It have antibacterial properties.they r low in calories but high in vitamins & minerals.

Red onions r especially high in quercetin, according to d association. Shallots &Yellow onions r also good options. White onions contains d least amount of quercetin & other antioxidant.

But sometimes d fungus typically is found on d outside skins of onion, &it is harmless,for d most part. Simply peel away d skins & give d onion a good washing.

That black,scooty looking substance on d skins of onions is mold , specifically , Aspergillus Niger…

So, I was wondering how molds on onions looks like under d foldscope.

I make a plan of foldscope camp for my students. Again thanks to foldscope &all members.

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