Human Blood sample through foldscope

Today’s i observed my blood sample under d foldscope without staining. I identify all cells .

Blood Sample contains RBC, WBC, (neutrophiles, monocyte, lymphocyte, eosinophiles, basophiles ) Platelets.

I write here some percentage&functions of cells.

Cells Function

Neutrophils (60-70%)== Phagocytosis(engulf bacteria)acute bacterial infections

Eosinophils (1-4%)==Important in allergic reaction,kill parasites

Basophil(0.5-1%)==Important in allergic reactions & release heparin & histamine

Monocyte(2-8%)==Tissue macrophages, phagocytosis of large particles in typhoid, maleria

Lymphocyte(25-33%)==For immunity, produce antibody.

So thanks to foldscope ….Manu prakash.

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