Hi Foldscope Community from Tunja Colombia

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I am very happy to share our progress in "Biodiversidad Micro" exhibition in 
Tunja, Boyacá COLOMBIA. Foldscope could be integrated as an educational tool 
for microbiologic curiosity, and science dissemination.

We will be in meeting at "XI Encuentro Facultad de Ciencias UPTC" see
http://www.uptc.edu.co/ on October 3th and 5th. Thank you Ivan Adolfo Suarez
Rey, he shared us 10 foldscope for use in the colombian public university

I send promotional poster, and photos of group "Semilleras investigación" now, 
and I will send evidence of exhibition soon.
Thank you Foldscope Group for inspiration in science access to low cost.



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