Beating heart in the crustacean egg

Hello everyone,

In my last post I’d shared the videos of the crustacean and its egg which I saw under my foldscope. Here’s another video of further developed egg in which you can see the organism has started showing movements.We can see both of its compound eyes now and also the heartbeats and leg movements.


~Have fun foldscoping. 🙂

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  1. @MITALII its so amazing that u r able to observe such a beauty….the development of an egg!…waiting for the further development.

  2. laksiyer says:

    @Mitaliii, this is brilliant. For perspective, include a macro picture of the egg.

  3. Manu Prakash says:

    What a wonderful post – incredible features and a great choice of music. I hope you can keep the larvae alive to finally figure out what it will turn out to be. Keep up the great work – I will see if I can pass it to some Twitter friends to see if anyone can identify the same.


  4. Mitaliii says:

    @Laks Sir and @ Manu Sir the egg can’t be seen even with naked eyes i haven’t been able to see it that way so I don’t think it’ll be visible in the picture of the slide and also sadly 🙁 I’ve lost it now it wasn’t showing any movements and the yellow part had started kind of degrading and it was tumbling around…not staying still like its seen in the video.sorry @nishtha 🙁 but I’ve lost it

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