Spores from a Tiny Fungus

Living in Florida sure does have a few benefits. Fungi grow everywhere here! When my professor in Central Florida gave me a foldscope, I didn’t know which fungus to look at because there are so many!

In this photo circled is a mystery fungus that I wanted to look at. Also in this picture is a bird’s nest fungus, which looks better with the naked eye.

Chosen Fungi

While I was walking to class I saw a nice area in front of the biology building. There were shrubs, trees, mulch, and most importantly, fungi. I found puff balls that crumbled when I touched them and little brown mushrooms that were too slimy to pick up. So I dug up this little piece here that was connected to some twigs.

To obtain the spores of this fungus, I used the stickers and carefully tapped the fruiting body. As you can see, it is fuzzy so the spores are on the outside. This was difficult because of how small this fungus is.

I took these foldscope pictures with my iPhone which gave me issues because of the magnets used. I was still able to get decent pictures, but never a full-screen view.

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