Rotting on Green Grapes

The image I decided to take more interest in is on green grape stems and internal state of rotting. We never tend to take the time to actually study why our grapes may be going rotting, but instead we just throw them away. Well in this scenario I decided to not only look at the stems of these grapes, but to also cut the end which is specifically connected to the stem.

Grapes are a fruit that is easy and handy to access. My family loves to eat grapes especially when going on nice picnics. There are plenty different types of grapes that stroke my interest, but green grapes are my favorite. With the sweet and tart taste.

In this setting up of pictures, I was able to assembly the foldscope and angle the lens in a way that would be able to capture some of the grape stems and end. This was a tad hard, but I did my best to show a clear representation of what was shown.

In the picture there is the end part of the grape that is rotten. You will be able to see the veins that run through the grapes. This stroke me as fascinating because I didn’t expect to see the veins so clearly even though the fruit was rotten.

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