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Hey foldscopers. This is Arya once again. today I would like to share with you something really different. I don’t know if you like it, but I really found it interesting while doing hope you too..,.. . .

So that is I have tried to observe a grasshopper. 🦗Yes it’s a grasshopper. I found it dead in my yard. Sorry to see him but then I thought of dissecting him to observe. Sharing with you the same

They have adopted themselves very well. As you can see in the picture above they have thorns like projections on their legs, which are indeed for their protection.
This is it’s knee and the thigh part. As seen in the above figure it has a very strong and fragile knee joint which helps it to move very quickly. Its is really so strong which helps it to jump and do very quick actions.

Next we have some pictures of a very special feature of it that is its wings. Yes wings. You might be thinking what’s special about it but while I was observing it I observed that the wing is so fragile that it can fold into a very tiny pieces even though it is really a very large one. As observed I could see the wing was really a beautiful one. It was indeed really strong. Here are its pictures

Did you see that! Yes it is very thin and hold up by a network . the network indeed are the lines which are clearly seen in the above picture the broad once
This is a border part of the wing. Curious to see, it is more stronger than the part shown in the picture above. This is more strong because the network which holds it is even stronger.

So this was all what are you observe I tried to share more but it needed more specific instruments to cleanly and neatly presented to you.

Hope you like. ☺️


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  1. Rahul Ramteke says:

    Really nice and amazing 😵……

    Rahul Ramteke..

    1. ARYA BALPANDE says:

      Thanks Rahul . …..

  2. paolamr says:

    Fantastic post! I really liked that you showed different parts of the grasshopper .

    1. ARYA BALPANDE says:

      Thank you for your comment. It will help me give new such posts…

      Thank you.

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