Red Rose By: Keerthi Padmanabhan

Today, I observed a red rose. This flower comes from a family called Rosoideae.  At first, when I tried to view this rose,  all I could see was big red spots. So, to focus the rose, I took a piece of paper and made a wedge with my foldscope.  This made it much more clear to see the cells. When picking  the flower petal,  I saw that there was a an area at the bottom where there was no red pigment. Curious to see how it looked up close, I foldscoped it.  The color was not obvious to my naked eye, but when I saw it under the foldscope, it had a pinkish tint. I took a closer look and usedmy wedge to see saw small dots on the petal. Here’s how it looked:  img_6703


I thought that this was pretty cool. On the upper part of the rose petal, I could see some individual cells. I noticed that the rose petal’s veins could be clearly seen. It was a little hard getting this part of the flower to focus with my camera, but here is how the upper part of the rose petal  looked like:





I learned a lot from observing this flower, and I will continue to observe other flowers with my foldscope.




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  1. laksiyer says:

    Keerthi. I wonder why Rose petals smell so nice? Could we figure that out? Ask V&P, they will help you get to the bottom of this.

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