Unknown Little Larva Found In Flowers

Hello Everyone,

Hope you’re all having fun. Its really cool how we get to observe all these beautifull things around us through our foldscopes which we otherwise ignore. We miss on soo much of knowledge and fun. This time I’ve found this  larva.I found it crawling on my shirt, didn’t scream out loud and shook it away but calmly took in the cavity slide and observed it. I could see its internal organs but couldn’t figure out what is what.


However, I found this picture for anatomy of dipteran larvae and it does quite resemble the larva in the videos. The Hind intestine and the salivary glands are pretty clear, also, I suspect the bunch like structure could be the gastric cecae.

Please help me identify this larva and guide me on more. I’d love to study it in more detail. 🙂

~Have Fun Foldscoping


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