Japanese Eggplant Sprout

A convoluted image, mostly green, some streaks of pink, and clear tendrils shifting in and out of focus.
In this quiet time of quarantine I have found much peace and rest in taking care of house plants. My roommate happened to bring home a small, dehydrated Japanese Eggplant plant from the child she babysits. I repotted the plant into formulated coconut soil to revive it, and it appears to be doing much better now! This plant stood out to me amongst my other houseplants in the way that it is exceptionally fuzzy. And so, with my new foldscope in hand, I decided to gently prune off one of the budding sprouts of the eggplant plant and look at it under the lens. What I found was a beautiful contrast of colors and hazy layers of fuzzy tendrils. I wonder what the purpose of the fuzzy tendrils are, as well as wonder why such a stark contrast in color is so observed in this area. I conducted this project as part of Professor Pringle’s EEB321 class at Princeton University.

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