On my terrace, between my plants!

Hey foldscopers! This is Arya. Sorry for not letting you know something new from long time. But today I am going to share with you all some things in detail. It might be interesting in the start but the last part of it is most amazing one. So stay there till the end

So, what I have observed? My father bought some cow dung and store it in a fevicol box some two weeks back. By chance it was totally filled with water getting contaminated from that time. My mother kept a tulip plant in it and the other planted in the soil. today we are going to compare the growth of these two plants one in the contaminated water and other in the soil

These are the two plants one growing in the box and other the pot of soil as you can see the plant growing in the soil is healthy where as that in the box is half dead.

Now I have collected some samples of stem roots and leaves and also the water from the box. So late us compare them on such basis.

  1. Leaves.
You can spot the difference with one is healthy and which one is in a bad condition
So let’s have a look on the healthy one
As you can see green due to the presence of chloroplast.
Let’s have a look at the bad one
as you can see from the colour that it is not green and Aston brownish so chloroplast are absent in them due to which it cannot perform photosynthesis

2) Stem

we can easily identified from the picture above that which one is the healthy stem and which one is that of the bad plant.
First let’s have a look at the good one
From the pic we get to steal the stem also has a green leaf fleshy part which contains chloroplast due to which it is green in colour it has a point in network which helps in absorption of water.
Now the bad one
As we can see that this covering of stem lacks chloroplast and hence its colour has turn brownish and its pointed network is also a bit in a bad condition

3) Roots

These are the roots one that in the soil and the other that in water. We see that the roots also has some fibres around it and actually there is a difference in them.
Let’s have a look at the healthy one first
The bad one now
I could not actually clarify the difference is between them but as we can see there is a difference in the colour of the roots.

Next is the best part of this observation. Yes the best one! And what that might be? It is nothing but the water in which the bed plant was growing. yes the same cow dung water which was getting contaminated from last 2 weeks. the thing special and that it is I have seen some microorganisms moving through them which is actually very fascinating. Just have a look at these!

I also observe this worm like structure in the dirty water from the fevicol box

so this was all about comparing two tulip plants growing in my terrace yard. Especially enjoyed observing the water and the worm which I found in that box sample. Hope you like it too.

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  1. Rahul Ramteke says:

    Amazing information…..
    Amazing comparison…..
    Amazing videos…..
    Amazing pictures……
    By Rahul…

  2. ARYA BALPANDE says:

    Thanks Rahul
    Your comments encourage me to do new such things.


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