2020 Enviro Citizen Sci Challenge

Our organization (Conservación Panamá Inc.) is participating in the Nov 2020 Environmental Citizen Science Challenge. Check out the project, support us if you can, and see how we are using FOLDSCOPES! Check out our VIDEO HERE about the project. ¡GO FOLDSCOPE!

Remote communities in Panamá commonly suffer from waterborne illness. The various sources and identity of point & non-point source pollution are unknown. Conservación Panamá (org) in cooperation with Public Schools, has created a 10-month long water monitoring program for 5th grade students which samples, tests, analyzes and maps the Rios Cocle del Norte & San Juan de Turbe to identify the pollutants and create solutions.

Our goals are very simple and multi-faceted. Utilize a cooperatively written supplemental science education lesson plan, which complements the national curriculum, to introduce core concepts of water quality, sampling, testing and analysis in public school classrooms over 10-months of the 2021 school year. Present data analysis and results at the end of the school year in communities along the Rios Coclé del Norte & San Juan de Turbé and discuss solutions. Cooperatively write a finalized action plan (under the oversight and professional guidance of CP science staff), using all data and individual community inputs, to bring attention to the problem of water quality and a framework to assist in implementing solutions.