El Dorado High School Microbiology Class

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El Dorado High School Microbiology classes are excited to be joining the Microcosmos community! We began our training last week, and I can’t explain how excited my students were. 🙂 We started by getting familiar with the usage of the foldscope.  We viewed different samples of leaves, rose petals and hair so that we could be well prepared for future labs. Here are some pictures of my students using their foldscopes for the first time:

students-picture-1  student-pictures-2  student-pictures-11  student-pictures-8  student-pictures-4  students-pictures-3  student-picture-12

As you can see they were very exited to be using their foldscopes!

Below are some of  the pictures they were able to take with their phones:

hair-picture-2hair-picture-1leaf-picture-1leaf-picture-2 flower-petal-picture-1


Our next lab will be focusing on the observation of Saccharomyces cerivisiae (baker’s yeast). When we first began learning about microbiology, we addressed the fact that not all microorganisms are harmful to humans. In fact some of them carry out functions that we use to our benefit. With that in mind, we will be looking at Saccharomyces cerevisiae since it is commonly used to make our bread rise. This lab was also inspired by an earlier post written by Laksiyer. I thought it would be very neat for my students to see these microbes in action! I will be posting our pictures and videos from that lab pretty soon!

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  1. laksiyer says:

    These are really great foldscope pictures. Eagerly waiting to see what you will explore.

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