I celebrate Earth Day with Foldscope

I went to my garden and in 1 meter i collect lot of sample. Like,dry leaf, leaf,soil,ant etc.

My garden picture.

My fold scope

Dry leaf Sample

Leaf Sample

Soil sample
Foldscope is amazing and cool thing. I can see which what would not see in my normal eye. Foldscope is the best thing.

Thank you
From Kazi Rageeb Sharar

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  1. paolamr says:

    Thank you for your post and for entering our raffle!
    We are looking forward to more scientific explorations by you~

    1. Kazi Rageeb says:

      Welcome @PAOLAMR

  2. paolamr says:

    Hello, congratulations – your post has won the ‘Additional Prize’ @ Foldscope #EarthDay contest!!! 🎉 I will be emailing you later today with details so please check your email and spam folder.

    – Foldscope Team

    1. Kazi Rageeb says:

      Welcome again, i got your email .

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