Our manuscript published by Mycological Progress journal

Hey guys! Find our article entitled “Analysis of phytopathogenic fungi isolated from some important crop plants using morpho-molecular tools—Foldscope and ITS region sequencing” published by Mycological progress journal.

Ours is the first report wherein phytopathogenic fungi from broccoli, gerbera, guava, okra, and orange as host plants have been successfully identified with the Foldscope as a tool and studied to the extent where cell wall–degrading enzymes, pathogenicity, and ITS region sequencing have been established for these fungi.

With our study these diseases have Foldscope images as well as microscope images, the farmers themselves using a Foldscope at their agricultural field can establish with surety whether the crop has been infested with Alternaria, Colletotrichum, or Curvularia sp. and appropriate antifungal measures can then be planned accordingly.

We will be posting our new findings soon! Till then have a look at our paper https://doi.org/10.1007/s11557-020-01640-1

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