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  1. exu says:

    This is incredible!! 🤩 Would you mind giving a few tips to a beginner as to how you are able to get pictures with such clarity and detail? 🙂 mine are turning out quite different but might just be because my phone does not have a good close up camera to take photos

    1. Ajil Benny says:

      I am using a coin holder as slide. These photographs were taken in moto e7 plus.

      * It is better to use paper slide/coin holder insted of glass slide.
      * Lenses of both microscope and the mobile should be wiped with a soft piece of cloth

      * It is better to add some drop of water or glycerin on the slide , after placing the specimen

      *Some microbes are sensitive to light,so they will tend to move away from light, in that condition, put the light source in low and increase the brightness

      *There are microbes which will move rapidly and fast , in that condition the photographs won’t be clear. Instead of that take video and then select the suitable frame.We use that frame as photograph.

      * While using the foldscope make sure that the spicimen is cleary visble .We have to adjust it so that we can see a clear image

      * zoom the camera for a clear view.The contrast and saturation must be adjusted for a better view

      1. exu says:

        This is super helpful, thank you so much for taking the time to provide these tips! 🙂

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