Hair Follicle

I wanted to see how my hair looked like using the Foldscope, particularly as I have not cut it over the past year in half. I wanted to observe if there were noticeable differences between different strands and thought it would be a good exercise for familiarizing myself with the Foldscope.

2 hair follicle strands

It was interesting to observe the differences in the strands to characterize the structure of the hair. Although it is very thin samples we can see defined structure. It appears to not be uniform and is slightly translucent, which may be due to the positioning of the light source and the microscope. The strands I looked at appeared very similar to one another. The hair appears lighter in color than I expected too as when we observe the strand individually it looks much darker.

Single Follicle
Hair Samples

The strand under the microscope appears like it would be firm while in reality it is very loose. These differences were very interesting to observe. It would be interesting to observe different hair colors and types under the Foldscope. This would continue to provide context to hair structure and the differences not only from different samples but different sources.

Another sample

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