A Sweet Perspective– By: Keerthi Padmanabhan

Today I saw a grain of sugar under the foldscope. In the pictures I took, it was very hard to focus, so the images look a little blurry. I  saw that the sugar grains  I looked at were rectangular in shape and saw that many of the grains were stuck together. Here is how they looked.(I tried to use a wedge to focus).

img_7050 img_7052 img_7053 img_7054 img_7055

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Quite amazing. The type of crystal reflects the molecular structure. I think you should also try other powders, salts of all kinds (dont forget the bath salts). great stuff

  2. laksiyer says:

    One thing is to redissolve and crystallize to see if you get more regular crystals. You should try Vitamin C too. Look at this post.

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