Banana Peel Fiber


Bananas are my favorite snack, so I examined a banana peel fiber from yesterday’s snack in my dorm. I ripped off a small piece that was dangling off the peel, and noticed it was browning a bit compared to yesterday. At first, the piece I examined was a bit thick, so even with bright light it blocked off a lot of light and was difficult to observe anything other than yellowish beige fibers all clumped together like a thick mat. So, I broke off a thinner piece, and more of the light was able to pass through so I was able to see interesting shapes with colors ranging from black and brown to a more lighter yellowish beige. In the first picture, I tried to capture a variety of colors and shapes. In the middle, there’s a couple long and dark rods, with a reddish-brown substance to the left and black dots on the periphery. As seen in the second picture, other regions of this piece of banana peel had dark branch-like structures of fibers with patches of yellowish beige, brown, or dark grey. Overall, I did not expect to see such a variety of images in a tiny piece of banana peel fiber, and I am curious about what exactly each structure that I saw is composed of.

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