Using Parker Ink/ Ujala Blue to stain nucleus of a leaf/ Onion layer

Above is Onion Epidermal Layer

above without Stain



1.First  take the plant leaf or onion peel, and peel out the thin epidermal layer which is translucent in nature.

2.For leaf, to peel it out, tear a small part of leaf than slowly bend it than tear it which will also take the epidermis layer out. And for Onion’s thin layer it is simple just peel the inner side of the onion peel lightly and the translucent layer will come out.

3.Then put it on the glass slide and press a little so the translucent layer get stick to the glass slide.

4.Then heat it very little which will make sure that it will fixate the part and also make cell a little permeable.

5.Now, apply the alcohol for 4-5 seconds (don’t wash it just rub the surface).

6.Now put some drops( 2-3 drops is more than enough) of Quink blue fountain ink or Ujala Supreme blue(fabric Whitener) and make sure that it is totally covered by the stainer you are using. And then just after 5-6 seconds wash it again, all the residual ink should be gone.

7.Now dry the sample and now observe it under the foldscope.

8. Adjust the foldscope a little and now you will clearly see blue dots in the sample, that is the nucleus of the plant cell.

My Setup

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  1. dorithockman says:

    Wow! That is so cool that you can use pen ink to stain the cell nuclei. I wonder why this works? Great idea!

  2. Meljohn says:

    Can i use ink from pen?

  3. laksiyer says:

    Love the idea of using Parker Ink for this. Thanks for the tip

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