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  1. jholmes says:

    Hello ATHARVA14,
    Very interesting. Were they moving?
    I notice that the fibers and the grains seem to be pretty much in the same position in each of the images.

    1. atharva14 says:

      No they were not moving.

  2. jholmes says:

    Could you tell if they were made up of multiple cells? I wonder if it was some sort of plant? Did you keep any?

    1. atharva14 says:

      I was not able to see any cell wall, earlier I was guessing these are some salt crystals in water as the water was hard water but then their olive green colour and cilia like structures confused me. I didn’t keep it with me but If I visit that place again surely I will collect some.

  3. normalhuman says:

    Well they are ciliated and have chloroplasts gives us reason to believe they were some kind of blue green algae

  4. normalhuman says:

    Maybe amoebas?

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