Cytoplasmic streaming in spiderworts – part 1

It’s been such a ping time I uploaded some of my foldscope data; so happy to bring my regular habit of writing my observations openly for the foldscope community

Today, we will explore a surprising cel type which is so accessible – you can watch some remarkable processes that make cells work. These are “trichomes” like fibers on a spiderwort flowers. Since the fibers consisting of a chain of cells stand alone – it’s simple to image them.

Time lapse 140x; 1 frame is 10sec.

To my surprise – I took a time lapse (1 frame per 10sec) and observed redistribution of these blue pigments throughout the cell. You can truly watch transport processes playing across a single cell.

I will soon setup my phase contrast with foldscope – to observe au cellular structures that might be involved. Will update soon.

Cheers manu

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