Pachysandra Leaf

I conducted this project as part of Professor Pringle’s EEB321 class at Princeton University. After assembling the Foldscope, we headed outside to collect any sample we could get our hands on to examine. I decided to pick off a piece of a living Pachysandra’s leaf in order to see how well the scope could work even with a thicker specimen, considering that the Foldscope does not have as strong of a light source as a standard microscope. To my surprise, this didn’t seem to be a constraint at all. I could make out plenty of distinct shapes in my observations.

It was pretty challenging adjusting the focus on the Foldscope while also holding my phone and keeping it in the light. After a while, I was met with some success. While the picture I ended up with isn’t perfect, I was pleasantly surprised how detailed of an image I saw when I was looking through the lens with my own eye. In person, it was much clearer. Still great, though!

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  1. Jana says:

    Cool!what is a pachysandra tree?

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