Helicopter seed

Foldscope Lab

I conducted this project as part of Professor Pringle’s EEB321 class at Princeton University. After reading up/watching videos on the Foldscope and about Manu Prakash who created it, I was ASTOUNDED! This is such an amazing idea, both because it enables almost universal access to a microscope (a super important tool in science) but also because it’s just super fun:)

In class we went outside and collected samples of things to use under the Foldscope, and I decided to look at a helicopter seed. I was excited to see how clear the i-phone images turned out, especially since I normally can never take such a clear picture under a regular microscope. It was cool seeing the veins on the seed, and seeing what pictures classmates were able to capture as well, such as the wings of a bug and the feathers of a bird.

I’m excited that I can now take this scope to other places and use it virtually whenever and wherever I want (which is not possible with a normal microscope). I’m hoping to be able to capture a video of cells moving (such as with red blood cells) if possible, and am excited to see what comes out of it!

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