Insect observation

Yesterday morning when I saw one insect that I caught four days earlier I saw this,

If you observe these images you can see some fibrous thing. I don’t know what it is. Manu Prakash said, maybe it’s lipid droplets squashed out of the insect. Maybe some tests can be done to test to identify what it is. If someone can identify or want to suggest something please leave a reply. Also, I was not able to identify what type of insect it was. One Person from Twitter guessed it may be a flea.

On the same day, I caught another insect and when I saw it yesterday, it didn’t have any fibrous covering or anything like that. This insect is of a different type than the previous one.

You can also try with different insects and do your observations.

Enjoy doing!

Deven Birje,

Pune, India.

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