Learning Physics through Ecology!

I conducted this project as part of Professor Pringle’s EEB321 class at Princeton University. I tried to find the smallest leaf I could find outside of Guyot Hall. I taped a lens to my phone to take the picture and attached it to my foldscope. Weirdly enough, I looked at my phone and the image was shaking violently. I then noticed that there was a loud buzzing coming from my camera.

The strangest part was that all my classmates weren’t having this issue. I did some research on this phenomenon, and it seems that there are magnets in the iPhone XR camera used for focusing. Accessories on the outside of your phone, such as the lens I put on, can create magnetic fields that interfere with these internal magnets.

The picture shown is a screenshot from a slow motion video. Weirdly enough, I found that slow motion videos don’t trigger the shaking, but pictures do! This picture shows the veins of the leaf that transport water and nutrients throughout the cell. Super cool! I plan to search for thinner leaves, so I can see more detail!

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