Ivy League Ivy

I conducted this project as part of Professor Pringle’s EEB321 class at Princeton University. This was my first time hearing about Foldscopes and working with them.

I grabbed this picture in lab with Ruby! When we went outside to look for samples I was so excited to look at thing under a microscope that shockingly took only 5 minutes to make. I was so amazed after watching the TedTalk on Foldscopes with founder Manu Prakash that I couldn’t wait to discover something under my own Foldscope right in front of me. 

When we went outside to look for different things to sample I was torn between the different flora that surrounds Princetons campus. Unsurprisingly as I was looking around our beautiful Ivy League school, I found the smallest leaf of ivy perturbing from the wall of Guyot and thought it was perfect. The entire leaf fit inside my slide and I was able to grab this amazing picture!!

Ivy leaf under foldscope

I also tried to make a slide with a strand of hair seen below!

Blonde Strand of Hair

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