“Leaf” Science to the Foldscope

Can you guess what the image is? Of course you did, it’s in the title. Even without that that, thought, you probably guessed it immediately… But do you know what kind? This, my friends, is an incredibly intimate view of Japanese Pachysandra (Pachysandra terminalis), harvested from the outskirts of McCosh Hall. Look at those little plant cells. We can see them so clearly with the help of the Foldscope. I’m not going to lie, assembly was a little meticulous yet therapeutic. Foldscope assembly was the best productive lab activity I needed on an early Wednesday afternoon. And to see this amazing microscopic view of something that I gathered using said hand-crafted microscope was a cool experience. Sometimes I forget how accessible science truly is; we get caught up in trying to make the most amazing and complex discoveries. However, even the simplest and smallest thing is full of discovery and wonder. I think I heard that somewhere recently… credit to whomever said it.

Overall, I really enjoyed learning about the Foldscope and using it to make simple science discoveries, especially as a college student. Thank you EEB 321 and Manu Prakash. 

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