Dirt Can Be Fun Too!

I conducted this project as a part of Professor Pringle’s EEB321 class at Princeton University.

As a child, I LOVED playing in the mud. Every so often when I am home, my mother brings out the family album and reminds everyone just how much I enjoyed the great outdoors (and how much she enjoyed washing my clothes)! Now, as an “adult”, it would appear that my love for mud and dirt has not faded one bit! I still enjoy digging around and getting my pants dirty just like I did when I was younger.

My mother was always so concerned, as a mother should be, that I would get hurt or sick while playing because “you never know what is out there”, so when I found out we were going to be building these Foldscopes and actually use materials gathered from outside, I KNEW I had to choose dirt as my sample!

After many trials and adjustments, I was able to snap a very sub-par image of my dirt sample (attached). Unfortunately, due to my inability to obtain a quality image, I couldn’t confirm if there were any microscopic organisms living in the soil around us. However, this doesn’t mean there AREN’T microscopic organisms living in the soil around us! I look forward to mastering my Foldscope to get to the bottom of this lifelong mystery!

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