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  1. Eden Educational Resource Centre says:


  2. jholmes says:

    Very interesting “Dark Field” illumination. How did you do that? Did you get a photo of a flower?

    1. edurafi says:

      Yes, I took the photo of flowers as well. Just added to the main post.

      For dark field I have made a hole on top near lens and I shine light from top using phones flashlight at the same time cut the light from behind.

      1. jholmes says:

        Thanks for sharing the photo of the flower, and it looks like some fruit too! And thanks for that Foldscope tip for illumination from above! I’ll have to give that a try! – Jay

  3. Jana says:

    So cool. A very interesting topic. Are you going to learn more about the Baobab?? Please tell me about the tree

  4. laksiyer says:

    Incredible to see the pollen of the “Tree of Life”

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