Transistor under a Foldscope.

Transistors are super interesting, they are like a switch which can turn on and off superfast.

I always wanted to see how it looks from inside.

To be able to do this you will have to get a special kind of transistor which is Fully made of metal, I used a one called 2n3055

Which should look like this:

Then you would have to open the top shell you can do this my prying it open with a utility knife (be careful) if it’s too strong you can use a little heat.

After doing this you need to hear the whole thing to melt the solder and remove the small square chip by slightly nudging it with a pair of twisters (metal). After that you would have to place the small chip on the microscope slide and secure it with something, I used a little flux paste.

And you are redy to see it under a Foldscope.

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