“Ah, this big thing is a “Loter”? Wow!!!!

“I have seen a bee”

“I have seen a millipede”

“I have seen a scorpion””I saw a mosquito”

“I have seen an ant”

I saw a sungura-mzee,

“I saw a crab”

“I saw a snake”

I saw a bird’s feathers.

“Ah, this big thing is a “Loter”? Wow!!!!

The above exclamations are from primary and high school children during our visit to Lokichoggio, Turkana while viewing specimens using Foldscope microscopes. “Loter” is the local name for an ant that they observed.


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  1. jholmes says:

    Ha ha! That is great. I love hearing what people, especially young people, say when they look through a microscope. You can really tell when it is working for them! 🙂 – Jay

  2. Edutab Africa says:

    @JHolmes Indeed, and the surprise that comes through their eyes when they find out the “big” object/organism they saw was super tiny. The next bit of having them prepare their own slides lets you see their keenness, collaboration, patience, and curiosity. 🙂


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