Samples from the Sonora – PHY112

What: A thin (1mm) slice of the superficial peel of a València Orange
When: This afternoon, 27 April 2022
Where: My kitchen in AZ, Orange acquired from Sprouts Market
How: Consuming the orange and carefully slicing off a section of the remnant peel with a sharp kitchen knife to place on the slide

Conclusion: Oranges indeed have the promised hue microscopically, although I was disappointed to not be able to resolve some of the finer textures of the peel

What: Paper towel fibers
Where: My kitchen in Northern Scottsdale, AZ
When: This afternoon, 27 April 2022
How: Carefully dissecting a small, somewhat transparent layer of paper towel from a larger combined sheet

Conclusion: I wasn’t able to see any texture, though the white color suggests light did pass through the sample. Was my sample too big and insufficiently transparent?

What: Tap water
Where: My kitchen, with tap water provided by the City of Scottsdale
When: This afternoon, 27 April 2022
How: Moistening one of the slides and carefully applying the slide cover, being careful not to get the foldscope wet

Conclusion: In the US, our tap water is generally exceptionally safe, but you never know….

What: Dirt from my backyard (which should be high in organic matter) moistened with a bit of water
When: This afternoon, 27 April 2022
Where: Scottsdale, AZ
How: Collecting a small sample with my hands and sprinkling it on a pre-moistened slide.

Conclusion: This is texture! There’s a lot going on here, as we can clearly see something grainy (dirt? sand? flesh-eating bacteria?) through the fold scope

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  1. jholmes says:

    Go for thin, thin, thin! Tiny tiny tiny! I like the color of your orange. The soil sample is getting there! YES Texture! Work that focus!

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