Which is the softest and fluffiest material among some of the softest and fluffiest materials in the world?

Looking at these materials we can clearly see prominent differences between them. In figure 1 we see a normal feather; we can see its shaft (thicker part on left) it is the center of the feather and it is the only part of the feather that did not feel soft. Then we see the barb (thicker parts stemming from the shaft) and we see the barbules (thinner parts stemming from the barb). Then on figure 2 we see a down feather. it is composed of extremely thin fibers running in parallel with each other. Lastly on figure 3 we see cotton. It is composed of slightly thicker fibers, when compared to feathers, running on random directions. The softest of these materials is the down feathers because their fibers are extremely thin and they run in the same direction, they are also very thick and fluffy in order to keep in warmth. Down feathers are designed to provide warmth to the bird hence why they do not have a thick shaft because they do not need to hold their shape.  Then cotton is in between the two feathers due to having more messy and coarse fibers that are interlaced with thinner fibers. Cotton is also very thick and fluffy so it can be more easily carried by the wind. The purpose of cotton is to aid with the dispersion of seeds by being carried by the wind away from the plant with a cotton seed inside cotton balls. Due to their intended purpose, they do not need to be as soft and perfect like feathers. Lastly normal feathers are also very soft with the exception of the shaft, the shaft has to be rigid in order for the feather to hold its shape and support flight. The barbules are composed of the same thin fibers as the down feather but they are interlaced with other fibers called barbs in order for them to hold their shape and stay in place. Normal feathers are also not very fluffy because they need to be streamlined and aerodynamic in order to support flight. In conclusion, according to my research down feathers are the softest and fluffiest material that we reviewed. Could there possibly be a material softer or fluffier than down feathers? Would this material be man made or natural?

figure 2. down feather
figure 3. cotton

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