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  1. Amadou Guissé says:

    Très belles prises !

  2. utsargo says:

    Merci beacoup 😊

  3. jholmes says:

    Very interesting Utsargo.

    How did you prepare the specimen? Is that a peal, or did you cut a thin slice?

    What part of the aloe leaf is that? Is it the interior or are those cells from the interior of the leaf? – Jay

    1. utsargo says:

      Hello Jay,
      I don’t have any tool to prepare the specimen right now. I prepared it with my bare hands. I simply torn a leaf and tried to peel a segment of skin with my finger nails. The iodine-dyed part you are seeing here is the thin skin and white cells are from a thiker part where iodine did not go through.

      Thanks a lot.

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