Day for science – Croatia (eSTUDENT)

Hello everyone,      

We are a part of the biggest nonprofit student organization from Croatia called eSTUDENT which has over 300 active members. Our science-education team includes 14 students from various fields of the University of Zagreb. We are very excited to write our first observations about what we have done throughout this year.

At the beginning of this year we have received four Foldscopes and that is how our story begins. 🙂 Our first workshop was held in small city of Croatia called Koprivnica on a Day for science (Dan za znanost) festival at Fran Galović high school. There were about 1000 enthusiastic kids and their parents who actively participated and were impressed by power of Foldscope as much as we still are. Some of our young volunteers (aged 12 to 14) assembled Foldscopes on their own, which left us astounded. 😀



One of our members was interviewed by a reporter from our national television and that was the first time Foldscope was introduced to the Croatian public.  

LINK: (00:00 – 00:50)

Inspired by reactions of participants, we would like to bring Foldscope to every kid in Croatia.

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