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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear @SarvanaKumar: Delighted to see your posts. Welcome to the Foldscope community.

    I had never seen Bamboo leaves before. It’s interesting because it is the fastest growing organism on our planet; so something tells me that the leaves must be really efficient. I would love to see more data from Bamboo leaves.

    Also; some of your images are blurry. Try to make sure your foldscope is assembled correctly; and use some simple samples to test to improve the images. A lot of foldscope posts exist in the past to improve your imaging resolution – so reading past posts is a very good thing as well.

    Welcome – we look forward to seeing your explorations.


    1. Saravanakumar says:

      Thankyou sir…i am so happy by your reply ….i am surely improve my pictures sir….and i am very exciting by your interest in the bamboo leaves….one kind request sir ….i need magnetic stand if need clear image…i can try to give more data about bamboo tree’s sir….I’m physics student sir

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