Plosyter vs cotton


I just now got my foldscope ..(MANU SIR you’re really a genius.😮.)

The first thing I wanted to see was a  pixels in a display.(I’m still working on it)

Getting to the topic topic …I saw a post by one of the members where he took a single strand of a cotton thread when under the foldscope it was as expected ruptered ragged. I wondered how a polyster would look  like??

I took a really old polyster dress (thinking that itd look the same as cotton as it is old)


it was shocking even though it was old ,every single strand contained  more uniform strands …which almost looked intact with some dirt particles in em.


comparing it with cotton Cotton





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  1. laksiyer says:

    This is a wonderful picture. Absolutely gorgeous

  2. smiya says:

    You could clearly see the differences. Lovely.

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