Queen Ant wings


A few days back ,I saw ants near the door and an insect with wings that  i belive  the Queen ant (motionless).

Then I saw that the wings were different there were colourless patches in some area . First time in my life I wilfully plucked a wing ,gave me chills though it was dead .

Ran into the house took the foldscope,made a slide,observed itIMG_20170125_110045



Where the wing was joined  to the body



The most shocking this I noticed was that the wings had hairs in them, Ive never thought about such thing or was tought but I remembered hearing it somewhere long back.

Then I googled it ,found that unlike aeroplane bodies (outside) ,cars these wings need friction for the air to stick with their hairs thus increased friction and makes more powerful vortex I guess?

But one thing I noticed was that the transparent patches I said didn’t have any hairs seems this may pointing that the ant was old maybeee??

This really gave me a new tought about aerodynamics for flying.

Came back for a final confirmation that was really Queen ant,saw my mom was about to finish brooming outside.

Things I learnt

1.most insect wings seems to have hairs

2.how a insect flies ,vortex types

3.Use of friction for flying

Came to know about magnus effect somehow while surfing.






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  1. smiya says:

    Wow. Very Interesting.

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