Binder Clip Method of Securing a Glass Slide

Myself and a colleague have built and used two Foldscopes thus far and are very impressed. We tested it with both a prepared glass slide and the paper slide making materials provided in the kit.

One thing we noticed was that a glass slide, being fairly heavy in relation to the scope, is hard to keep in place while viewing. So we came up with the simple solution of clamping the slide in place with a binder clip (see photo). Try it!


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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    That’s an interesting idea. The the microscope is designed to hold all kinds of slides (including glass slides). It works even if you shake the microscope quiet a lot.

    But the first time you use the scope, the slit that holds the slide is tight. It’s akin to breaking a new shoe 🙂

    Gently try to insert the slide; and once you have done so – all the slides should be held in place. I will upload a video with the same shortly.

  2. pcymd05 says:

    Though Manu makes a good point, I think your hack is a good idea. Since the slide is stationary and the lens moves, your solution makes great sense.

    If anyone has access to skin scrapings of Lyme Disease patients, I’m interested in obtaining samples for the scope. I was hoping I could adapt my foldscope into a dark-field microscopy version and I’m looking into that.



  3. ndpmcintosh says:

    Yeah we find it hard to get a glass slide in, so we find it much quicker and easier to just get it more or less in position (without worrying about if it is properly inserted in the slot) and then slap a clip on it.

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