Copepods at Lake Lagunita on a Rainy Day

Today Manu Prakash showed us where to look for interesting microbial action.  He also shared  some tips on using the foldscope.  This sample was collected from Lake Lagunita and the movie was taken by Manu. Enjoy! #Bio60


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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear @Waheeda: what a wonderful day. Although it was pouring; we all were so calm and enjoying our microscopes. I love this video – since it almost shows a world trapped in a droplet. Copepod and vorticella and copepod eggs; what a wonderful world.

    Look for eye spots in developing embryos. I wonder if you do a time lapse; if we can catch the copepod developing.

    The big question that springs to mind – how do copepod attach these eggs to their back at the first place? Never seen the laying these eggs before. A mystery to solve 🙂

    Welcome to Foldscope community.


  2. mcyert says:

    Wow Waheeda, this is great! This is my first introduction to copepods. Fascinating!

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