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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear @Waheeda: what a wonderful day. Although it was pouring; we all were so calm and enjoying our microscopes. I love this video – since it almost shows a world trapped in a droplet. Copepod and vorticella and copepod eggs; what a wonderful world.

    Look for eye spots in developing embryos. I wonder if you do a time lapse; if we can catch the copepod developing.

    The big question that springs to mind – how do copepod attach these eggs to their back at the first place? Never seen the laying these eggs before. A mystery to solve 🙂

    Welcome to Foldscope community.


  2. mcyert says:

    Wow Waheeda, this is great! This is my first introduction to copepods. Fascinating!

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